Security Policy

The system of retail e-payments "WEBSUM" provides information and technical security between the Company, the enterprise and the User while proceeding e-payments through the Internet. Data transmission is carried out through separate channels using modern encryption methods. Thus, any possibility of interception of confidential information is excluded. Additionally:

  • The website supports SSL security certificate
  • There is a copy database and full back per hour
  • Website is brand new and does not use free content management system
  • Website was checked for brittleness with sofrware systems such as Xspider, IBM Internet Scanner.
  • The mechanism created for secure cross-website interaction with the help of SSL technology inplementation
  • The mechanism to confirm SMS services per operation performed was created as well as upon registration of each new User

Mandatory information

Using the software of the "WEBSUM" system, should be careful while working - the WSM flow in the system is carried out with one click of the mouse.

You and you solely are responsible for any flow of your WSM with the "WEBSUM" system.

If you are the owner of the online store, in case you advertise and make public on your website or media the details of your WEBSUM system data, you are solely responsible for adherence to due conditions of purchase / sale using the details of requisites provided.

The WEBSUM system is not liable for violation of financial, material and any other obligations, which are in force between its participants.

Being a software and hardware tool, the system does not control safeguarding interests of any party at the time of implementing settlement operations and cannot interfere with the performance of certain operations, regardless of its target purpose.

Registering yourself with the "WEBSUM" system, you undertake obligations not to use it for unlawful purposes and not to perform actions that entail damages to the system.

СThe "WEBSUM" system reserves the right to save a logbook of your transactions in the system, as well as its use in case you violate the above obligations by providing data to the judicial authorities of any jurisdiction to protect the interests of the system, its participants, and third parties.

The WEBSUM system support the anti-spam policy and flat prohibit the use of WEBSUM software for unwanted mass mailings - spam.

Registering yourself to the system, you agree not to transmit unwanted advertising materials, as well as messages that violate the confidentiality of information. You and only you are responsible for the nature and content of the materials you send out.


Policy change

The company has a right to make amendments to the declared policy abovementioned. In this case the website of the Company will be updated accordingly.