About the system

The system of e-retail payments "WEBSUM" is the operating platform for conducting e-business and is a tool to carry out online sales of goods / services via the Internet.

The project, which was launched in July 2010, is unique and exclusive on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The WSM accounting unit is the equivalent of the Uzbekistan national currency sum, issued by the Treasury, wherein 1 (one) sum is equal to 1 (one) WSM. (1 WSM = 1 sum).

We consider it our duty to assist e-business companies in grow and development by using the integrated WEBSUM service platform and all its functions for marketing, expanding the network, and thereby boost profitability and efficiency.

Connect your service to the e-payment system WEBSUM and your customers will be able to pay for the goods and services instantly and with zero commission!

We offer beneficial terms of cooperation - zero tariffs, instant payment, support for your customers and opportunities to promote your service among WEBSUM users.

The joint program of development and promotion is an opportunity for free promotion of your goods and services online among WEBSUM customers.

"WEBSUM" allows you to pay for services, make purchases without leaving your house!

Make payments with maximum comfort and minimal time and effort.

We are sure that our cooperation will be long term and productive!

We are ready to consider all options, even most off standard!